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"Dr.Pet Care" is owned and operated by regional professionals with 40 years of combined pet and manufacturing experiences. We have the ability to offer highest possible quality pet products and services at lowest shocking price. Our combined expertise had given us the ability to tap on the vast global network of latest pet products and services trend as well as our continuos quality improvement strategy in our very owned GMP manufacturing plant of 10 years. The team consist of Mr Raymond Lim Tian Yeong, who is the Managing Director, who is the Business Development Manager for both Domestic and International and Mr Andy Oshima from Japan, who is the Product Director for all pet products and services.

Dr Pets Products

Strawberry Shortcake Pets Shampoo

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Dr Pets Natural Nanonized Silver Spray

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Dr Pets Anti Bacterial Pet Perfume

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Dr Pets Perfume Conditioning Pet Shampoo

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Dr Pets Perfume Conditioning Pet Shampoo 3X Perfume

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Dr Pets Anti Germ Conditioning Pet Shampoo

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Dr Pets Glossy Anti Frizz Shine Spray Serum

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Dr Pets Treatment Pet Shampoo

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Dr Pets Perfume Pet Shampoo 2L

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Testimonial Pets Owner

Mr Loh from Sri Hartamas, who is a dog breeder for 20 years with 50 dogs

It is an amazing aromatherapy range of pet shampoo. We love how the scent lasts. The pure and natural essential oils really works on my dogs. We use it on everyone from Japanese Chin to Chihuahuas to Schnauzers. And I love all series specially the 100% Pure Citronella Oil range which drives away my dogs odors effectively. Their coats are so soft and we love that it has a natural insecticide too.

Martin Lee from Taming Jaya, a dog lovers with 4 dogs.

We really were so surprised! I mean, we really didn't expect that this aromatherapy shampoo would be so different from any other dog shampoo, but it is! It was so unexpected! Particularly the 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil which helps to control and kill fleas, ticks and it's eggs too. There really are amazing and it shows on his skin and coat: so much more silky and fluffy, and his skin has healed. No more scratching and no more crankiness.

John Khoo from Bangsar, a dog lover with 2 dogs

WOW, dogs eczema and itchy skin is healed finally........ It was amazing how quickly the eczema and itchy dog skin healed once we began using Dr Pet medicated SPA Series shampoo with 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. I normally don't write thank you letters but I had to this time. you made one pet happy again (and I can sleep at night now that I don't hear that annoying dog scratching and paw licking at midnight anymore!

Miss Joey Tan from Sri Petaling, a cat lovers with 4 cats.

"I tried Dr Pet Perfumed Shampoo last night and I love it. The shampoo lather well, rinse easily and is not harsh on their coat. It not only rinse clean but leaves the feeling of soft, well conditioned but also it smelling heavenly from it's long lasting deigner perfume " Jean Pual Gaultier" inside the shampoo. I really love it so much." Miss Joey Tan from Sri Petaling, a dog lover with 5 dogs

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